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Birch Playing Board for Settlers of Catan

Birch Playing Board for Settlers of Catan

Early buyer feedback has been extremely enthusiastic for this new product.  

This is a beautifully finished birch plywood board with a raised plastic ring that holds all 19 of the Settlers of Catan tiles snugly and creates an amazing, nice playing surface. A player can bump the board without causing damage to "Catan world".

Having the Catan Island raised off the surface of your table gives the game an elegant, stylish feel. Besides that, it makes playing on other surfaces possible, such as a bed, on the ground, etc Plus, it is possible to move an existing game from one place to another.
  • Details

    Product Features:
    Custom-made fine baltic birch plywood Settlers of Catan playing board with a clear, natural finish.
    Experience Settlers of Catan on a whole new level!
    This is an accessory for the original Settlers of Catan game. You still need to have the game itself.
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